BenBen Schmitt spent his childhood immersed in novels. He would get through a book a week, trying to overcome mild dyslexia. Ben started writing his first novel at 13 years old. Captivated by fiction and story, he would stay home from parties and write until ungodly hours. Stunted high school social life aside, he honed his skill over the years.

Today he is a blogger, copywriter, screenwriter, and marketer.  He is currently writing a YA adventure novel. His favorite things are: his amazing wife, TV marathons, fun socks, daydreaming, Banana Republic, martial arts, and delicious food.

Ben wrote this page in third person because it sounded arrogant to write it in first person. So you could say he has a healthy dose of false humility.

Disclaimer: Ben has never claimed to be good at grammar. So if you spot a grammar mistake… good for you.


  1. I look forward to reading what you write!

  2. Me too! All the very best to you. Karen

  3. Call me old-fashioned, a prude, a grammar queen, but I rarely come back to a writer who has to swear in the blog. (Kinda like too many adverbs…If you can’t say it without swearing…) I might have to make an exception in your case. I like your style, and you made me laugh. So, I bow to the professional, and I’ll keep my grammar mistakes to myself.

    • bdschmitt

      August 5, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      Hi Jayne, I’m glad you enjoy my blog! As for swearing, I keep it PG-13 or below. I like to write conversationally, so sometimes that means an expletive or two. Hope to see you around!

      • I’ve just stumbled across your blog as it is on the Arvon Foundation facebook page. I love the points you make, I will definitely be reading more of your blog and I have signed up for the writing tips. Thanks again.

  4. Also came here via the Arvon Foundation and have also signed up for tips 🙂

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